The Gift of Friendship

Ousman Cham & Dave Jongeneelen

How true friendship rises above race, culture and generations and is an endless source of joy, inspiration and progress.

Our Story

             This book is our invitation to cherish and celebrate your friendships. We invite you to take your existing friendships to a richer and deeper level. Or extend your friendship to people you would normally not engage with, putting a smile on their faces. 


We know from experience that friendship is a gift, an endless source of joy and inspiration. We have also learned that true friendship is the most powerful engine for progress in society—when good people meet, greater things are bound to happen. 


We are delighted to share our story of an unlikely friendship between two men of different age, culture and religion. We hope that reading this book will inspire you to strengthen your connections with old and new friends. The questions in the book can help you to engage in beautiful conversations with them. 


Enjoy your friendship!


Book & Box

You can buy the book 'A Gift of Friendship' or you can buy the 'Friendship Gift Set'. The gift set includes the book and a box with cards. The set of cards is called 'A Question of Friendship' and has intriguing questions to help deepen your existing or new friendships.

For shipping outside The Netherlands, please get in touch directly through the contact form below.